Selling with video is so powerful when you do it right. So here's how to do it right!

“Did it pay off for me? Well, let me tell you, bottom line is that the quality of my videos has increased tremendously, and my sales results have improved by 400% during launches. I am definitely on the right path thanks to SellOnSite.”
Shama Kern - Thai Healing Massage Academy

Inside a Simple Step-By-Step Strategy


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store_smThe Sales Sequence There’s a million ways to talk to people the wrong way. Discover the one way that works!



Simple Technology  You could be making outstanding sales videos with the cellphone technology in your pocket!



bestpractices_wBest Practices vs. “Persuasion” No need to try to persuade. Knowing how real people process information is more than enough!



interface_smIntegrated Modules Every bit of info you need to write and build your videos is always at your fingertips.



accessible_smAccessible Anywhere Work on this course from anywhere in the world you have web access. Even the beach!



handshake_moneyAffordable For Any Business A fraction of the cost of having even one video made! Save thousands of dollars.



Google Update-Proof Sales videos are all original content. Google won’t punish a “Best Practices” website!




Built-in Expert Guidance The course guides you every step of the way. There’s never any confusion about what happens next!



Perfect Video Architecture Your videos will have just the right structure for everything you sell!


no competitionCompetition Non-Existent Chances are very few people in your niche are using great sales videos. What an opportunity for you!




money_calendar_2Increased Income Sales videos are documented to increase conversions by 15 – 100%



Monetize Your Message There is no better way to transform a static message into an exciting sales presentation!



small_beautifulIn-Depth Sales Formula Never be in doubt about how to use the 12-point formulas! We explain how to use it all the way through.



sales_toolsMy Favorite Plug-ins and Themes The must-haves that will make your life so much easier!



No Being On Camera Necessary A great sales video can be PowerPoint plus just your voice!




Web Page Design Guide What goes on a sales page, really? Never be in doubt using this guide!



cell_phoneWeb-Ready Videos You’ll learn how to make your videos look great and play perfectly on the web!



social mediaCopywriting Optional Great copywriting is nice, but not required when using video. A demo is worth a thousand words!



heroEasy, Fast and Fun In only 4 modules you’ll be set! And in less than a few weeks your first launch will be revenue-positive!




You get all this plus FOUR AMAZING BONUSES WORTH $1,021!


The course is going to help you quickly build highly-converting videos. But that’s not quite good enough for us.

You see, there is a way to also get a huge increase in quality. Making a great content video is good. But we’re giving you a way to create powerful, attractive video as well. In other words, if content is king, but packaging is emperor and this bonus will give it to you.

Bonus #1 – The Video Brain(worth $129)

Because we know that not everyone comes to us with the knowledge to do video right, we’ve included a special course on making simple, highly-converting videos.

The Video Brain is designed for the person who has no video experience and who wishes to create a simple, customer-attracting video for YouTube, Facebook and other content sharing sites.

TVB facing right Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Secrets of how to make today’s inexpensive cameras make images like Hollywood hardware!
  • What microphones to use that will make your image look better!
  • How to use simple, even free lighting to make your videos look incredible.
  • The small changes you can make to your setup that take it from blah to attention-grabbing
  • How to save a ton of cash on everything you really want.
  • Gain the confidence to project a great image of your business with video that looks great!
In short, you’ll quickly become a video ninja, able to easily make videos that challenge the pros! We sell this video manual for $129 and it is yours for free, just for becoming a member today.

Bonus #2 – The Web Graphics Pak (worth $97)

graphics pak box

Hiring a website designer can be wicked expensive, as they say up here. Why pay upwards of $60/hour when you can simply inject new life into your landing pages with the amazing choice of graphics from this set? You’ll get some truly useful images.

Such as:

  • Buttons
  • Certificates
  • Fonts
  • Dividers
  • Guarantees
  • Video Skins!
  • Check-out graphics
  • and much more…

The graphics in this generous package will give you so many useful images and ideas that you’ll never have to worry about your sites undoing all the good done by your videos.

Bonus #3 – The Video Music Collection (worth $395)

100 tracks Have you tried to find good, inexpensive production music these days? It’s really tough. The free ones are not too great and the great ones are very expensive, from $20 – $300 per track! So we commissioned 100 new tracks just for these kinds of marketing videos.

It’s easily worth $395 per package, and it’s yours free. Now your sales videos can tap into your prospective customer’s emotions, leaving them more open to your message.

Each of the songs are divided into full-length, 1 minute and 30 second versions, making it easier for you to customize your presentation.

Bonus #4 – The Live Q&A Sessions (worth $400)


Even though this course has been carefully, even meticulously designed to help you create your own high-converting sales videos, from time to time you may have questions. Questions about content, questions about your business, questions about equipment or content or strategy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get them all answered live? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

These sessions will take the form of 3 webinars. We’ll have one per month for 3 months.

We’ll send out links for you to join a few days before the events, and each webinar will be posted in the member’s area. So even if you can’t make the live session, you’ll be able to pick up the replay. Our current members love this feature as much as I do, and I suspect you will too!

What People Say About Working With Steve

I didn’t want to be just another mediocre English teacher…

Jamie Miller

It looked like a big, hairy audacious goal…

Bill Baren

Steve…has the ability as a coach to draw out the best in you.

Zander Townend

I had hoped to learn the basics, but there was so much more…

Nan Kennedy

I learned so much…not just about video, but about video marketing!

Andy McClure

If you’re wanting to use video to…market or sell your work, you can’t do better…

Molly Gordon

It was almost like in the movie. I built it. But unfortunately nobody came. Then something happened…

Dick Buchanan

I saw some of my friends go out of business. That’s a road I did not want to go down…


Jaime Espiritu

It’s a very big difference from having a video that shows something nice, to having one that produces results!

Marina Brito

My only complaint about Steve is this…

I was getting desperate since I could not figure out how to make my business look really professional. So I took the plunge and signed up for his course which was not exactly cheap. I mean, I tried to do it the cheap way already, and it was clearly the wrong strategy.

Did it pay off for me? Well, let me tell you, bottom line is that the quality of my videos has increased tremendously since I started Steve’s program, my sales results have improved by 400% during launches. I am definitely on the right path thanks to Steve.

I have developed a really sharp eye for good video now because of Steve’s training. Before it was like I was flying blind. Now I feel good and confident about what I am producing.

My only complaint about Steve is this: Where were you when I started out a few years ago? I wish I had known then what I know now. It would have saved me so much time and money.

Shama Kern

“I was sick and tired of books that tell you everything but what you want to know. There are so many decisions to make and so many places where you can get stuck with the wrong equipment.”

Even if the equipment is just a few hundred dollars, you soon get stuck with a whole load of useless stuff. I wish I’d got to Steven’s book earlier, because we spent a lot of money buying the wrong microphones, the wrong video camera and it just drove us round the bend.

Using his advice and methods, we were able to get our video productions finally off the ground.

If you think this book is expensive, you should see how much it will cost you in silly equipment, and wasted time and effort. I would not recommend you go into video without this book. I just wish I’d had it before I made all those silly and rather expensive mistakes.

The part I like best is how detailed the explanations are, and how they literally help you step by step of the way. If you’re a small business owner for whom time is scarce already, I would say, “Buy this book!” I recommend very, very few products and this is most certainly one of them, because I’ve used it and found it to be of immense value!”

Sean D’Souza (on “The Video Brain” – bonused below)

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Am I really “qualified” to be on camera? Well, remember, your audience is looking for an expert, not a speaking god. Besides, to the 3rd grader, the 4th grader is god. And guess what? That’s who you become…the moment that red light goes on.

What about my “radio face”? It’s really not about how you look. It’s about projecting your inner qualities. In only a few seconds your audience begins to sense what’s underneath. Also, people love an underdog who doesn’t act like one. In high school, people rarely saw beneath the surface. In real life, we know better and we hold up expertise in whomever it may be found.

And what am I supposed to say on camera? This is the easiest problem to solve. Because this is mostly solved with proper structure. When you structure your script according to the way people actually want to process your message, the outcome is really never in doubt.

Is it expensive to get started and still make it look right? You may have all the equipment you need already! If you own PowerPoint and a cheap microphone, you can make a really powerful sales video. Then, as you gain confidence and traction, you can upgrade to your heart’s content. So never worry about your equipment being too basic. There’s always a way to use it appropriately and well.

Who’s the best spokesperson for my company? When your business or practice is based on your ability to create a relationship with a potential client, there is no better way to begin that discussion than by speaking to them yourself on video. So you don’t need a more dynamic spokesperson. You just need to hit the right “notes” to attract your ideal client.

Is this compatible for both PC and Macs? Completely. And don’t forget iPads/iPhones!

Format: You get a series of recorded webinars, pdf worksheets galore, supplemental videos and several ebooks. These are books in PDF format. And you get video and audio files that consist of lessons that illustrate each of the critical concepts explained in the ebooks.

Delivery: The information is delivered via the Internet. You are taken to a member’s area where you get a very simple and friendly navigational scheme that allows you to easily download all the e-books and watch all the videos.

Is there a guarantee?: Yes there is a guarantee. It’s the ‘Instant Rewind Guarantee’. This means we’ll refund your money with a smile if you find the course not to your liking. Within 30 days of your purchase, if you don’t feel the information works for you, we will issue a prompt refund. All you have to do is email or call us.

Is there support?: Oh, yes. There are several kinds of support. The information has all been tested for various computers and devices. And it works. Many of the videos are downloadable, so even if they don’t play properly in your browser, you’ll still be able to watch them. If you have an issue getting the files to open or play, you can email us and we’ll help you get up and running. We do respond to email in 19 hours or less. But on another level, support is built into our company’s DNA. From response time to user-friendly video formats, to the comprehensive nature of this program, you’ll find this a pleasant journey. And should there be bumps along the way, we’ll be there to guide you gently over them and get you on your way to super-success with video marketing.

How Long is the Course good for?: Forever! You get access to all the lessons, books and videos for as long as this is relevant in your life. Which means forever…


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