Video Marketing Mastery Series
Conversion Factors in Sales Videos

What makes a sales video a sales video? What magic lifts it off the screen and injects it into your buying emotions? Discover the secrets within!

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  1. Thank you for your video

    I finally understood the sales process with your explanations. And even if English is not my language

    You have communication skills. I envy you.

    Thank you again.


  2. Great overview of making video. I appreciate the input, as it will help me make better videos.

  3. Jaime Espiritu

    Hi, Steve

    You have encouraged me to make more videos. Once a day. Everyday. After taking your classes, I realized that your concepts WILL take hold after taking the time in learning and mastering the skills. Yes, it’s true. After mastering Steve’s class, the time make a short video does take only a couple of hours.

    As a cautionary note, be prepared to work. The low enrollment fee is deceptive. You will develop more skills and get more coaching advice from Steve than what you pay for. For you math people, it’s this formula:

    Develop Your Life Skill > Enrollment Fee

    As a Senior Video Producer, this is a great way to market yourself through video. I’ve learned more in how to present myself in a business presentation (sales video) than any other source I’ve studied.

  4. Good and well-structured approach to conversion factors. Look forward to seeing more.

  5. I *love* that you make it clear that there’s work to do *and* that’s it’s something we can all learn and get good at over time.

    I’m going to start putting together a script for a video I want to do for a program I’m launching next month. Yay!

    Thanks, Steve!

  6. Jim Esmeier

    I would assume that the 8 conversion factors contain a lot of variables that, like everything else, takes practice to perfect. Thanks for getting us started down the right path.

    • admin

      Sure. Practice makes perfect. But we explore each of those factors in depth, right down to a scoring system, so ultimately it’s not as hazy as it may seem.

  7. Great stuff! Steve, you remind me of a younger and of course more handsome Tom Bosley–and after Happy Days he was possibly the most in-demand infomercial host around. Your friendly, enthusiastic but not over the top delivery is a great model.

  8. I have found both of the videos to be excellent in content. I am an internet marketing consultant for local businesses and I am sure that having good videos on my channel are going to help. my conversions. I really enjoyed the breakdown of the sales video process and made a lot of notes. Now I am watching some videos to see how well they go along with that formula. it should be pretty interesting to see.

  9. Hello Steve, I liked your point on how user generated video content does not have to be bad….

  10. Ok. I am now getting it. Please please rush me the #3 video so I can begin promoting my messages using your techniques. Hurry, hurry hurry!~:D

    • admin

      Hi John! Glad you’re seeing your way into this. Video #3 is on it’s way and will be here before you know it!

  11. Maurice


    my take-away this time is simply – video is something YOU CAN DO. You don’t need to want to create an empire, maybe just to create a villa! Luv it!

    On second thoughts can’t just leave it at one… thankfully – at last someone acknowledges that crappy videos are not what you use to win clients, they might do well at selling $27 ebooks but high value consultancy services? I don’t think so.

    This has to be one of the worst myths perpetrated by so called guru’s that has certainly held me back as I just couldn’t understand why, if you’re going to spend the time doing something that could have a major impact on your business, why not make a fantastic job of it?

    Once again, excellent video.


  12. Thanks for the great content! This video helped bring home the idea that it isn’t that hard… just do it! 🙂

  13. Natalia

    Steve, your videos have whetted my appetite for video marketing. I am so looking forward to learning more from you.

    As another commenter has pointed out, your delivery on camera is just perfect. How do you remember your script? Do you use a teleprompter? If you do, how do you avoid sounding like a news anchor?

    • admin

      First, thank you! Second, I don’t memorize well, even if I try. But different methods are right for different people. In the class we find out what’s right for each member. It might be teleprompter or it might be extemporaneous speaking. But that needs to be explored. I’ll let you decide what I’m doing, for now 🙂

  14. Julie Gallagher

    I’m really excited to try making videos. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. You make me believe I can do it. Thanks!

  15. Nancy Harden

    I really appreciate your points that bust the myths of video making, and feel certain that you are able to deliver the goods that will have me smiling on my website and wherever else I need to be, in relatively short order. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement to those, who like myself find this a bit intimidating.

  16. R.K.

    The eight factors listed and briefly explained are great and useful. Possibly even more important is the tip to separate and work on them one at a time! I can really see where that’ll help to keep from getting overwhelmed. Thank you. 🙂

  17. Hey Steve,

    I like how you make your videos “mucho effective” with the right voice tone and this video was information PACKED!!!

    Very appreciated my man and it was super cool to know you come from the IT background too.

    I’m a mexican MCP + MCTS but that means nothing with YOUR credentials! haha

    Take care and thank you for putting this out for us!


  18. I’ve now listened to two of the three videos for the sell on site course and I am beginning to have confidence that I can do this! I noticed in the second video that you used the structure you taught in the first video by sharing your story of “failure” and then showing how you could help reduce that failure for your clients! Nothing like a good demonstration! I also loved the myth busting – especially the one about making low quality videos – and the conversion factors. You are giving me confidence and that is priceless. I guess that’s the credibility part of the structure 🙂 As an artist and consultant I am loving this.

  19. Steve,

    You make the conversion factors seem so clear and easy. I loved it all but my greatest takeaway is the importance of audio quality. I am a person with some hearing difficulties so I value the videos I watch that have clear and loud audio. Now I understand why yours are so clear. I do not currently have any video or audio equipment other than the webcam on my laptop. Hoping to be able to invest in a higher quality microphone once my new business takes off in 2012. I am happy to say that I have decided to invest immediately in your program. Thank you for providing us with a contest opportunity! Should I win one of the prizes (fingers crossed), I am going to put those resources toward quality audio.

    Again, this video rocked!!!!

  20. My takeaways…

    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Steven emphasizes that you must put out your first video, come back and tweak things a little, and try again. The great thing about Sell On Site is that Steven gives us guidance and strategies. Newbies quickly move into “expert” status in a short amount of time:-)

    To become known as an authority in your field use the Internet. If used properly it will bring you to a higher level of prominence. The marketing bar today is being raised by video. Video is no longer a lagging indicator; it is a leading indicator of where marketing is going. There is a need for quality in every part of video production.

    Performance is a key issue in your video production – both on and off camera. If selling is defined as the transfer of enthusiasm from one person to another, then learning how to manipulate your voice to convey enthusiasm is a must! Energy, enthusiasm, sincerity at all times.

    Audio makes for 60% of the impression of quality in a video. Easily fixable.

    Length of video follows the “bikini concept”…enough material to cover the subject and abbreviated enough to hold their interest;-)

    Gain a higher standing on YouTube by letting YouTube close caption your video.

    So many things to become overwhelmed with but Steven’s teachings separate and work on them one step at a time. It is a system that we will learn and remember.

    Yay! Can’t wait to start in January.

    • admin

      Me as well, Julie. You sure picked out some good lines from the story to include here!

  21. Jaime Miller

    More grain than a box of Cap’n Crunch. haha!

    You’re SO RIGHT about the myth on video quality. I really did believe that… I do online English lessons for people internationally, and I think in the back of my mind I was like, “well, if the quality is a bit off, maybe it will make me seem more approachable.” but if I can improve the audio / video / lighting quality, then I think it will be much better… 🙂

    • admin

      In so many ways! Clear out the channel of communication and your language students will find it impossible to go elsewhere!

  22. Steve, video 2– more awesome stuff! See my comment on Video 1 and square it! Thanks again, Michael

  23. Again great stuff! I believe in some videos, the audio factor was much higher than 60% of the video. A poor audio will sink amazing content in the flood of videos in places like YouTube… imo. Thanks Steve.

  24. Yvonne Ryan

    Seeing the 8 Video Conversion Factors outlined in one place was very helpful, i.e., all seem like common sense, but this second video has helped me to “see” these factors as a whole package. I also like the practical side that is emphasized – no false promises. Thanks, Steve.

  25. I love the 8 conversion factors. That Quality I want in everything I do and think that’s why I’ve never posted a video of myself. But the biggest take away that I heard is slowing things down to have that one on one time with each person. It pains me that people aren’t reading the articles I take so much time to write, but I can use that same writing talent in my videos and they will listen to the message. Ah ha! Thanks Steve.

  26. Audio, audio, AUDIO!! I was a professional dancer/choreographer for 35 years and I understand the crucial importance of quality sound – so why did I need to have it pointed out to me? Because I’ve been viewing online orientation/sales videos as brand new territory. As I watched this video it began to dawn on me that (duh!) everything I already know/have experienced in my various lives and careers feeds directly into this new learning project. Well, that’s certainly a relief. 😉

  27. Michelle

    Okay, I’m halfway through this and have to run to a meeting…all I can ask is…what’s your secret to being able to look straight into a camera and relate to it like it’s a person who wants to hear what you have to say? I see camera. You see person. Even if I put a person behind the camera, I see camera and person who already knows me/my message and is taking pity on me.

    What bridge do I have to cross in my mind to act myself in front of a piece of technology?

    • admin

      Michelle, I think you may be asking a question that lays near the surface in the hearts of a lot of great people. This is one of those issues that makes me say learning video marketing isn’t so much about what you do as what you see and hear. Your problem of only seeing the camera when you know darn well there are people out there quite willing to take pity on you (your remark did make me laugh) is a focus problem. All it takes is a different focus and some practice. In the course we’ll give you your focus. It’s up to you to practice it.

      But you’ve already proven in your brief remark that you have the honesty and humor to do this and probably do it quite well; better than me. You just need to remain open to the possibility that you can do it.

      Here’s one little trick to try in the meantime to distract yourself from your camera fixation. Don’t imagine the person is behind the camera. Imagine they are 10 feet behind the camera and you have to get their attention. Focus on “getting their attention” and you’ll get a small hint of what is possible.

      • Michelle

        Steve, you are so kind. I like the 10 feet away trick. But let’s talk reality. I’m up against some humiliating director comments when I really thought I nailed the emotions I was supposed to convey during an “Acting for Film” class…and then there was the video “final” of me in a “Presentation Skills 101” class. Jaw dropping embarrassing. Why was I doing that thing with my hands? And how much “practice” are we talking? Like becoming a concert pianist amount of practice?

        You briefly showed the tea guy, but I would be proud of his before as my after! I was hooked because I thought he was going to show me a shell game trick with his tea set…Can you share a link to someone you turned around who started out with this much self-doubt?

        • Michelle

          Nevermind on wondering if others have self-doubt. Got my answer in the FAQ’s section of your next video. I cracked up when you said to the person worried about looking foolish… “I can tell you for a fact, you’re gonna look foolish!” Alrighty then. So I wouldn’t be alone…I guess is what I’m learning…

          • admin

            Great. And I just spent a half hour on that post!
            Still, I’m glad you’re feeling better. There’s really nothing to fear here. 🙂

        • admin

          I don’t talk about this very often, so thank you for the opportunity. Here’s the thing. Acting for Film has nothing to do with what we’re doing here. Quite simply, you must be willing, just willing, to give up the judgements you internalized through those teachers who betrayed you to build up their own fragile egos!

          Putting yourself on camera in a sales video or coaching video is not about “performing.” It’s only about sharing what you have to offer. The good thing is that you can’t fake this. Well, maybe you can, but not for long and it isn’t worth trying. Understand this isn’t about the old broadcast pattern of one-to-many in some kind of Kabuki dance. It’s one to one. It’s much more like a conversation with structure. You’re talking to one person at a time. Yes, your camera acting and presentation skills instructors told you that as well, but then they made you do monkey tricks instead; to try and simulate life instead of live it.

          You do too much thinking when you try to simulate life. If a centipede had to think “OK now, which foot goes first and which goes 98th?” he wouldn’t get very far. Your fancy teachers won’t like this answer, but there are only a few things you need to get right, and thinking about what to do with your hands isn’t one of them.

          What you do need to get right is your passion for your work, your story, your offer and your clients or potential clients. You have to give up a lot of what you might have cherished about makes for good performance. So much simply doesn’t apply anymore (if it ever did). I have a pair of brief videos on the subject of creating your persona (a topic we go deep into in Audience Builder’s Blueprint, a major bonus of this course). Maybe if you watch them it will give you a peek into what counts when you get to making your own videos.

          Creating a Persona Pt.1

          Creating a Persona Pt. 2

          By the way, lots of people come into the course petrified to put themselves on camera and when they come out, they’re all “OK, it’s Tuesday” about it. And yes, they come a long way in a few weeks. I don’t as a rule keep before and after videos of personas. This isn’t an acting class and that’s only one small part of what we’re doing. I included Marcus’s clip so people could see not only progress in his persona but the amazing transformation in his video work as well.

  28. I just posted this on my Facebook wall – “Imagine chuckling, even laughing out loud, while watching a training video. I highly recommend watching this before Steve Washer takes the free series down, ‘very soon’ according to the email I got. Chock full of tips AND reassurance and so easy to watch.”

    Had to take a break and now looking forward to going back to Video 3 and then checking out the bottom line 🙂

    Oh yes, I also forwarded the information to several business friends.

    • admin

      Sheila, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series and, wow, that bump was very kind of you.
      See, Michelle, (one comment above) there are wonderful people in the world ready to take pity on you! 🙂

  29. Wow, I took away a lot of great information from this video! On-Page Factors for the sales page – 5 point detail is a great rule of thumb to apply so as not to lose people’s focus – like getting to the point before you forget what the point was! The TIME element was also a highlight because everyone seems to say – keep it short 2-3 minutes max, but the key here is to make sure you don’t lose your viewer’s attention by uploading crappy videos! If the audio/video are quality and the content flows, if you lose them it will be because it simply wasn’t what they were looking for.

    This is such great information. It is 2:00 a.m. and I want to get right to the next video…. but I think I should wait to give this time to sink it a bit and be ready to absorb the next video! So, sayanara!

  30. In addition to your making it evident how simple and timesaving it is to make a video, I am most impressed by the addition of on-page factors — elements that I’m sure most of us don’t consider. It’s also heartening to know that video is the fastest way to build expert status.

  31. Thank you. Excellent content, helpful and interesting…

  32. Steve, thanks for your generosity in providing these great videos. Your tips & lists are extremely helpful and I enjoy your engaging approach. I agree with your point about the length doesnt matter if you hold people’s attention. Your videos help mine the entire time.

    I like the sales letter formula. It looks vaguely familiar.

    Hope you are well.


  33. Hi Steven, what video format did you record the above video in and what settings did you upload it in, these are a mystery to me? I love what you do with introducing us to your wisdom in a very personal way!

    • admin

      I’m going to make a video about this. Please stand by…

  34. Hello,
    Looking to use video with realestate and maybe some online marketing.
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  35. I would appreciate a detailed list of topics? Table of contents? TRANSCRIPT…