Video Marketing Mastery Series
How-To Secrets of a Great Sales Video

Here’s where the rubber meets the road; where the boys and girls are separated from the ladies and gentlemen. Get this right and you’ll never worry if your video is going to be a success!


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  1. Superb video, once again! Amazing that you are giving this info away for free!!

    So many great bits of information to take away:

    Don’t let your message get lost in the shadows. Properly placed lighting can give the illusion of 3D and simply makes the video more pleasing to look at. Therefore, the viewer will stick around and watch longer.

    When something sounds good, it looks good. Sound has a huge impact on how we view the world. Thus, a video with good sound looks better. A simple $20 lapel mic can make a world of difference in the quality of the video.

    Personality is transmitted through my voice. As a voiceover artist, I have learned that the old “dj” voice from the 50’s and 60’s no longer sells. People are drawn to a more conversational, down-to-earth sound. Steve does this beautifully in his delivery.

    Specialize, simplify and focus. If you do these 3 things, then the efforts you put forward to learn how to create a beautiful video will happen “automagically!”

    Thanks, Steven. I can’t wait to begin your teaching series!!

    • Julie, I just HAD to comment…your voiceover work sounds simply amazing! When it comes to audio, certainly mics and their proper use is important when recording yourself and there’s the personal connection aspect Steve talks about…but man! What a difference a pro can make in some circumstances. Very nice…

      • Wow! Thanks, Lon. You just made my day:-) LOL! I love what I do, and it’s always great when others appreciate it.

        As a voiceover artist, one of the marketing techniques I use when selling my service is how much a professional can improve the sound and impact of your message. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

  2. Well you systematically blew up everyone of my resistances to doing video. I think the “stage fright” one was the biggest. I’ve seen myself on video during speaking engagements and have wondered the same thing – who the heck would listen or watch me – and then afterawhile, I’m just simply blown away by my own message. The insight? Get over myself. Thanks Steve. kk

  3. Thanks Steven,
    For another great info packed video.
    In particular I enjoyed the Vocal section and the FAQ’s were right on the mark.
    Loved this “Specialize, simplify and focus.” easy to remember- hard to get out of your(my) own way to do it.
    Sad to see the series end 🙁

  4. Lisa

    Thank you once again Steve for sharing these valuable tips. I especially want to implement the lighting, as you say, “Automagically!” to ensure the shadows are not in the wrong places. This will be reallly valuable when I start to make my videos.

    Thank you so much!

  5. Lisa

    I’m sad your series is over. I think you should have your own series on TV or something. I would tune in every week! You would be a good show host or an interviewer too!

  6. Thanks for these great videos. I made and posted my first ever video just two days ago, and now I see I have tons of room for improvement! In the 31 takes I did for this video I found that playing with contrasts of my voice made a huge difference. Onward to getting a better camera, lights, mic, etc.

    • Erik, I’m so happy that you took the opportunity to find out about Steve and his incredible wealth of knowledge. So glad to see that you’re putting yourself out there as a result of our call, and that you’re committed to improving your results!

      • Hi Allison – I finally heard the replay of the call and it’s fantastic! There were many take-aways (I especially liked the part about talking to your friend 10 feet behind the camera). Thanks for bringing Steven to my attention as I’m planning on using video exclusively beginning in 2012.

        • And thanks for showing your confidence in our teaching, Erik. We’ll take good care of you!

  7. Jeanne Tiberio

    Hey Steve,
    When I watched this last video, I thought about how people under-value the importance of lighting when making videos. In my first videos, I thought that I had plenty of light when, in fact, it was not right at all. Keep on emphasizing the importance of lighting!

  8. Jill Lindstedt

    Steve, very comprehensive overview with some teasers. 1. How to incorporate all conversion elements in 2:40 movie trailer?
    2.Questions regarding aspect ratio when uploading to YouTube? 3. Close-caption text file?
    Onward & upward….you’re good!

    • admin

      Well, what kind of a movie would it be without a good teaser? :))

  9. Great video Steven! Thank you for all valuable tips that you shared in this serie!
    Rogerio Job – from Brazil

  10. Wow! Steven, you hit a grand slam with these videos! I learned even more from these and learned some tips on lighting that I did not know before. The amount of on camera presence you have is tremendous. It’s a living witness to what you teach others to do, when you do them here.

    Actually demoing the different techniques on camera is so much easier to follow than reading a PDF or watching a screen cast with bullet points. The audio and lighting contrasts for example, the changes in voice vibrancy, etc. Very powerful stuff. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Great work. Thanks so much!

    • admin

      Ah, well. We try to get it right once in a while 🙂 Thanks, Dave!

  11. Steven,

    I really appreciate how you contrasted the time it makes to write an article, develop a website, and make a video.
    I’m really seeing the value of having a video mentor like like you to guide me through my “yeah butts” to keep making video.

    Thanks for the great series.

    – Greg

    • admin

      Well, Greg, it would be a shame for you to stop now. You’re very good at it, you know.
      GooMan is now a classic 🙂

  12. “Think of video as a way to express your uniqueness.” YES!

    Can’t wait to see the information on the Sell on Site Program…. It sounds like it’s going to be one-stop program! And I’m so glad to see the different formats for learning! I’m one of the people who goes crazy with short daily assignments!


  13. Great teaching, Steve. I’ve learned a lot more. It looks like SOS version 2.0 is going to be even better and more comprehensive. With you in my teaching corner, I’m reassured that my business will grow. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hey Steve

    Great video – one of the best demonstrations I’ve seen of the difference that both lighting and audio make to a video. Haven’t watched much of video 1 yet….heading back to watch that now!

    Rock on!


  15. R.K.

    The info about lighting – quality & angles, getting the shadow outside of the frame – was really interesting and helpful. The mic-demo? Wow, what a difference, thank you for actually demonstrating that in a useful manner, that really illustrated it!
    Web video is one-to-one, that sums it up so clearly… really makes me think that imagining myself into a conversation situation for anything like this is a good way to try. That & invest in a mic. 🙂

  16. Can I just say what a surprise to discover somebody who actually knows what theyre posting about on the blogosphere. You definitely know how to bring an issue to attention and make it important. Far more writers need to read this and realize this view of the story. I cant believe youre not extra well-liked for the reason that you really have the gift.

    • Hm. Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that we’re been hacked? :))

  17. Shawn

    Excellent! Thanks so much for the tip via the optin to your program. I didn’t realize that a basic light setup package could be that affordable. I really like the before and after pictures/videos you’ve shown. They really bring out what a difference quality can make in the viewing experience. I’ve had software for years I haven’t learned yet and this seems like a good time to start.

    Thanks for all the good content!

  18. Natalia

    Thank you for another great video!

    Your lighting and sound demonstrations were brilliant. I don’t see how anyone could ignore your advice after watching the evidence.

    Oh and the teaser for SellOnSite was very effective. I’m really tempted now…

  19. Another great one! You provide so much helpful information and in such a helpful way. Thanks!

  20. Charles Ormsbee

    Hello Headmaster Washer,
    Excellent video series. I have learned more from these three videos than I have from some entire video courses that I purchased.
    As you know there it at least one very expensive and highly hyped course that surfaces from time to time, that promises the world at a price that I believe is way out of line. So it is great to see someone presenting reasonable not hyped content that is very useful. I watched each of the videos at least twice and took pages of notes. Thank you for sharing.

    I can only imagine that if your sales videos contain this much useful information that your course would be spectacular. I sincerely, hope that your course will be reasonably priced so that I can sign up.
    I found your site from the Reel SEO contest where you sent in a tip. Very interesting what a great marketing technique that is both the contest and the fact that you were one of a very few that entered a quality entry.

    From everything that I have read video is the one media form for the future that will be the most effective and so for me that is where I want to go with my business. All of the techniques and marketing methodologies mean nothing if you don’t have the skills to deliver. So I know what I want to do and now. I have my business plan. Now, I want to concentrate on gaining the skills to enable me to accomplish my goals. I have stopped looking for techniques. So I very much look forward to joining your upcoming course and taking the video skills that I will learn as far as I can go.

    • Thanks for that comment AND for signing up for the course! I promise we’re going to have a great time of it.

  21. Maurice

    Great final video, infact the total series has demonstrated just how video should be done – less hype and fanfare, more personality… something to aspire to.

    Too many highlights in this video to just pick one, here’s my top pics:
    the concept of light and shadow
    “you need to come out from the shadows, up until now the shadows have been in charge”!
    the importance of a systematic approach
    the importance of actively learning the mindset and skills
    the importance of your voice and how it effects the end result

    Looking forward to getting to grips with the full program.

  22. Of all the sales videos and promotional run-ups to a launch I’ve witnessed – I’ve never seen anyone do it better. I’ve looked forward to every one of them, and am definitely looking forward to the launch of the SellOnSite program.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to someone’s launch before – except for my own, of course. 😉

    I learn a lot just by watching what you do. Can’t wait to see what you’re teaching in the course!

    • Thank you Grace. That’s a great compliment. Let me know what you think of the SellOnSite info video!

  23. Julie Gallagher

    Knowing the secrets really does make all the difference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously! I’m definitely going to pursue this as a project for my business. I especially like “specialize, simplify and focus.” Good advice for a lot of things, but especially this.

  24. Hey Steve,

    I made the initial mistake of buying a Flipcam as my first HD camera instead of going for the Kodak zi8 because I never thought about the audio I guess (huge mistake).

    Now I’m buying the Kodak camera and I’m going to use an Audio Technica lapel mic which is under $25 (Sennheiser is a bit over my range right now).

    The recommendations on the tonal expression changes were TOP NOTCH man!

    I still haven’t used any of those voice changes as I haven’t really made any powerpoint/keynote presentations (yet) but that’s one strong key that keeps the attention of our audience right?

    The FAQ section was amazing too.

    By far one of the BEST video training courses I have seen and I know this is not the training yet right? 🙂

    Thank you!


    • Thank you, Sergio! Actually, no, this is not the main meal; just the hors d’oeuvres. The course info is under the tab above called “SellOnSite Info”

  25. My favorite tidbit:

    “Web video speaks to one person at a time… make that relationship more like real life”

    I know you were talking about why you need to buy at least an inexpensive mic.

    But I think it’s a great point to consider at all stages of the production: is there any aspect of the production (set, lighting, audio, script, demeanor) that doesn’t support the feeling of a one-to-one conversation?

  26. So much great information for free. Excellent instruction from lighting to audio to scripting. I kept waiting for the sales pitch and instead – you just gave a great educational video. You make it clear why video is so compelling and the basics of how to do it and what to watch out for. I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to your in-depth course (that you guide people through the whole process).

  27. OK, I just watched the third video and I’m ready to go! I signed up – didn’t want to take a chance on not being the winner of your contest! I’m very excited to be learning this information at such an important time in my business “When the student is ready the teacher appears.” How true that feels to me right now. I love that this is all about relationship building. You have put video in a context that makes me feel at home. I love the “slow down to move fast” and the fact that you will walk us through each step. Your info on lights and audio was very helpful and well demonstrated.

  28. Steve,

    This is one of the most phenomenal video teaching series I have ever seen! The lighting demonstration was so informative and helpful. I have signed up for your class and am going to conquer my fears around putting myself on video. Or, should I say, I am going to “come out of the shadows” to rock my tribe with great video marketing in 2012. I look forward to meeting other members of this community in the green room as we learn and grow together.

    Happy Holidays, Steve!

    • Happy Holidays, Michael! I’ve been enjoying your observations here. So much looking forward to getting started in the new year! Thanks for starting yours with us. It’s going to be worth it and much more!

  29. Gosh Steven, it’s as if you made this video for me – especially shooting my latest landing page video. All these were issues I struggled with. Great advice, and thanks to your help, I am slowly but surely making progress.

  30. Steve, this is after video 3, and I am impressed! In all 3 videos you gave us a ton of information about a lot of things a person wouldn’t usually think about! See my comment after video 1 and multiply it 10 fold! Thanks again for the great information. I took a lot of good notes. Michael

    • admin

      Thanks, Michael, but you’ve missed the coup de grace! Check out the 4th and last video for a real-life example of how I put all these pieces together!

  31. Yvonne Ryan

    Yet again, thanks for sharing somuch valuable info in this third video about sales video creation. 2012 is my year for getting out there and sharing my message in a visual way, so your offerings are very timely, indeed! As I’ve said in previous posts and e-mails, Steve, your ability to breakl things down and simplify using process has clarified many aspects that were holding me back. Thank you. I look forward to SellOnSite.

  32. Thank you Allison, for introducing Steve to your H2H clients, and thank you Steve for confirming my belief that not everyone succumbs to the lure of snappy, over-enthusiastic, predictable sales techniques. I was taught skepticism at a fairly young age by my Dad, who showed me how to talk back to (our first) T.V. set. One of the things I most appreciate about these three videos is that I never feel that I’m being hounded to “step up to the next level.” They are clearly sales videos, but because you offer great information I don’t feel that I have been tricked. Turn the light on and step out of the shadow, indeed!

    • It’s a fine line, Cathy, but each side is easy to see, as you’ve pointed out. Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to showing you how to make your potential clients more comfortable with their buying decisions as well. Can’t wait to get started.

  33. Julie Gallagher

    This is such fantastic information! It’s really going to help me.

    I do have one quick question that this video made me think about: Is there a way to hook up two lapel mics to the camera? I want to be able to interview someone. The camera will be on them, but I want my questions to be audible as well. Is that possible, or is it something that requires a higher level of equipment/expertise?


    • admin

      Well, Julie, you haven’t told us what camera you’re using, so I’m not sure what to advise. All semi-pro cameras have dual balanced mic inputs. If you have a VIXIA series camera or really any camera with a single unbalanced mic input, you can get a Juicedlink box that allows you to plug in some nice mics, then output the whole shebang to the camera’s single mic input.

      This allows you to use two mics with no extra expertise and at a pretty small cost.

      Hope that helps!

      • Julie Gallagher

        That does help. Thank you!

  34. Steve, Thanks again for this wonderful series. I found your light and shadows discussion most informative AND transferrable to use of my regular digital camera. Although I take great photos and use them in my business of inspiring people to see beyond the ordinary, I still insist mainly on “pointing and shooting” and not “struggling” with the technical. So what you shared in the video was most helpful AND simple to understand and remember – “the shadow appears at the end of the line” of direction of light!

    Also, I’m most appreciative of one of your initial statements, “Though we have 20/20 vision, we often don’t see what’s in front of us.” This is so right on with a lot of what I stand for in my work that I’m sure I will be using it in marketing. Do I attribute the quote to you, or to someone else?

    Most gratefully,

    • admin

      If I heard it somewhere else, I don’t remember. But don’t worry about it. If it makes sense in context, you may attribute, but feel free to use as you see fit. And thanks for the Facebook thoughts!

  35. Great information – I have done a fair amount of video, but have learned a lot more in these videos that I’ll be applying in my next project.

  36. This was great information here on those darned shadows. I played that back a few times to make sure I really got it, and I’m pretty sure I do now. I also somehow wound up at this video on YouTube: – How to Film Yourself Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot and now I’m also reading through your blog at This is just really superfantastic information Steven and I’m so happy Lon turned me onto your presentations! By the way, I did get out to the hardware store today, purchased my work lights but couldn’t find the light stands (under $75.00 each!). My husband came up with a great idea – look on YouTube! He found a super video on creating adjustable light stands from pvc (plumber) pipe for less than $5 each! I expect I’ll have a couple of them by Saturday! Just in case anyone wants to check out the tutorial, here is the link:

    Super presentations here, great style, content, charisma, etc.! Lovin what I learned and can’t wait to roll the first one of the camera! Thanks so much Steve! 🙂

    • admin

      Wow. This is awesome, Melodie. I love how you were able to take some quick action!
      Thanks for sharing the tutorial as well!

  37. I thought the first two videos were great — but this one was amazing. The content was so thorough … you touched on absolutely critical questions I hadn’t even thought to ask. I can’t imagine any student not being able to learn from your clear, simple, entertaining method of teaching.

  38. Nancy Harden

    Wow Steven! So happy the final video wasn’t gone before I could get here!
    Many profound thoughts that apply to my practice, as well as video! Cool! Like getting two for one…
    Especially love the idea that “you cannot process with your senses what you do not understand with your mind”. Hope you will allow me to share that with my client base.
    Your clear instructions and elucidation of specific, practical applications and concepts make the learning process straight forward.
    I am beginning without any equipment, and will be waiting to purchase until the course begins, and I am sure about where to go to get the things I need.
    Very excited for the coming year, and to build my business through small, steady application of education in accessing, what is for me, a new market!
    See you for class, soon!

  39. Ioannis

    Thank you very much indeed. Those videos brought me miles ahead.

    Thanks, again for your free videos.

  40. Jahnavi Shah

    Thank you so much. This video helps a ton!!